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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Sun Jan 13 11:58:18 CET 2008

Am 13.01.2008 um 07:03 schrieb Aaron Cordova:

> Hello, I recently received my neo in the mail. I was attempting to  
> get OE installed but seems like some of the mirrors for mac ports  
> is down. I am using a Mac with OS 10.5. Once the mirrors come back  
> up getting the rest of the software shouldn't be too much of a  
> problem.


I have never been successful to install a working OE on MacOS X. So,  
I moved to a Debian Edge system where it installed without any problems.
But unless you want to write your own kernels and some very specific  
things, you don't necessarily need OE on a Mac. Please refer to

where we have already collected some information.

I am currently fighting to get a mkfs.jffs2 that runs on MacOS X. The  
issue is that it needs to #include some very specific Linux kernel  
headers while using some other native MacOS X libraries...

-- hns

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