Power Management on Neo1973

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Michael Shiloh schrieb:
> Nicolas Linkert wrote:
>> On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 11:41:09 +0100, "Nils Faerber"
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>>> So buttomline is I would not see it *that* black. Let's hope for the new
>>> modem firmware since the modem is currently the biggest standby current
>>> eater.
>> I was under the impression that the last modem update occured because
>> some SIM cards were not recognized. 
> That is correct.
>> Is there a new update of the modem
>> planned that is going to deal with power management?
> No. I've never heard of anything even remotely like this.

Well, there were discussions, I would have to go back in the
mailinglist, that the earlier GSM firmware version (up to the latest
shipped firmware) were not able to do low-power standby, which means
still being connected to the GSM and being able to receive calls/SMS but
be in a lower power state than full operation. This is/was supposed to
be the standby mode of the modem. And since this did not work, and
current measurements prove this to be quite likely, it was my assumption
that a later firmware would also address this problem.
If it does not then this would really be pityful. With only the GSM
sucking 20-40mA we will never reach any sane standby time.

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