FYI: Yahoo Go 3.0 (beta)

Gilles Casse gcasse at
Tue Jan 15 04:17:13 CET 2008

Nick Guenther wrote:
> On Jan 14, 2008 3:32 AM, Gilles Casse <gcasse at> wrote:
>> XML-based widgets:
> I think... I don't understand. How are these XML based? Do you need a
> special app to run them or is "XML based" the new word for DHTML/AJAX
> (so, need a full webbrowser)?

The XML widgets are server side and converted by Yahoo.
It seems there is no info atm on the software running on the mobile, the 
format of data between the mobile and the server. The faq indicates that 
Ajax or Java are not required for a wider base of possible mobiles.

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