CAD files for the case of the Neo will be made available

Jeremiah Flerchinger jeremiah.flerchinger at
Tue Jan 15 04:32:43 CET 2008

Shawn Rutledge wrote:
> What is your favorite Linux CAD tool for actual 3D work?
I have to agree with the people that say Blender is a high quality 
program.  For a simple 3D editor I would suggest something like Art of 
Illusion (  In my opinion 
that would would be a simpler application to use before moving to 
something more powerful like Blender.
> Can you generate CAM paths with Blender?
What type of CAM files/input do you have in mind?  I know both Blender & 
AOI support .stl files and a few others.  Plugins are available for 
both.  Are you asking about CNC G-code or something else?

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