Southern California Linux Expo, Feb 8-10 2008

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Tue Jan 15 07:40:56 CET 2008

It was in an announcement to their mailing list. Here's an excerpt:

"The commercial booths have all been filled.  Several non-profit groups
have recently been added to the SCALE expo floor:  Enlightenment, which
will be showcasing the work going into E17.  Enlightenment is rarely
seen at conferences, so this is your opportunity to learn about the
desktop that first defined the term "eye candy".  Also added were
OpenMoko and Damn Small Linux.  And for the first time all three of the
major BSDs, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and FreeBSD will have booths at SCALE."

Jeremiah Flerchinger wrote:
> Where did you see that?  It wasn't in Current Events->Upcoming events in 
> the Wiki.  Too bad I just finished several months in California, won't 
> be going back any time soon (I think) and will miss out on the show in 
> Feb.  Anyone know of any other shows coming up in the US that OpenMoko 
> will be at?

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