Is there a Terminal App. for Qtopia?

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At the moment there is no terminal for
Qtopia. I know this is a big lack, but i think it will be one soon (lets
There is one terminal app that are written for Qtopia it compiles and you
are able to start it, but it freaks out and doesnt do any good. It froze my
system when i tested it on the Qtopia 4.2.x version. If you want to take a
look at it you can check out the OPIE2 source and try to fix it and then i
will add it to my images.

Ok, this was the bad news, now a good one.

A guy named tsdogs from the xanadux team have made a filemanager to Qtopia.
I have installed it and tested it and it runs quite nice. It has the most
basic functions, but miss executing mp3, wave and text files, it execute
scripts and executable programs.
Also another one from #htc-linux named ymerejt has made a alsamixer for
Qtopia, it also runs quite nice. I know that there is another one out there,
but i havent got the sources for it so i havent been able
to implement it to my images.

When the filemanager has support for executing all files i will make a new
image and add qalsamixer and simplefm (filemanager) and upload it.



2008/1/16, clare <u5618 at>:
> Currently I am using the version supplied by GoXbox Live which has the GPS
> added. It is working quite nicely, especially since I discovered that
> If you ask a second time for a change of input method for SMS,
> the predictive keyboard is replaced by a very satisfactory real one,
> only slightly predictive.   (I haven't yet tried VOIP).
> What I am hoping is that someone knows of a Terminal Application which
> could be installed and which uses that second keyboard or something
> similar.
> Terminal is the one thing that the Openmoko version has that makes it
> Linux rather than just a phone.  The Keyboard in the Terminal of the
> OpenMoko version was very nice initially, but a some time  back it
> was changed so that the letters on the keys require a magnifier to read
> them.
> clare
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