gdm for the neo

Andreas Zuber zuber at
Wed Jan 16 17:02:13 CET 2008


Some minutes ago i installed qtopia on the sd-card of my neo. Now i have a 
dual-boot mobile and that's really cool.
There is also a method in the wiki where qtopia and openmoko use the same 
linux installation. But on both solutions you have to go to the uboot-menu to 
chose the "phone-desktop" i want to use.

Now here is my idea. On the Desktop we have the gdm or kdm to switch the 
Desktop. Why do we don't make something similar for the mobile. There are 
also other things to do by such an application: 
* User Login (Multiuser-Phone)
* Decrypt home-folder
* Chose session (openmoko, qtopia, gpe)

What do you think?


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