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herve couvelard herve.couvelard at
Thu Jan 17 01:04:59 CET 2008

Michael Shiloh wrote:
> Good question, Jeffrey, and you suggest a question that I'd like to ask 
> you, the community:
> Why do you chose to develop on OpenMoko, rather than on Android? Or do 
> you do both?
> (Beside the lack of Android hardware)
> Michael

- OpenMoko is not only software, it's human being working on a hardware 
+ firmware + software.

Android or qtopia appears to me as "piece of software" for telephony 
while openmoko and neo1973 seems to be more "close one another".

- It Seems to be more human-sized that google.
- I hate java :-)
- I prefers c to c++ ;-)
- it is a debian spirit.
- I really appreciated gpl (and less asl)

- it was first discovered (more than 1 year)
- Google begins to be "to much" (tomorrow's microsoft)

I do for nokia N810 too.


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