OpenMoko will be at SVHMPC meeting TONIGHT in Menlo Park

Jeremiah Flerchinger jeremiah.flerchinger at
Thu Jan 17 04:48:36 CET 2008

I see OpenMoko as lower level than Android.  Users can give feedback 
into the very core of the hardware & software.  I expect to someday see 
Android applications integrated into OpenMoko.  Android appears to be 
just a virtual machine sandbox that sits on top of a Linux core.  I 
don't see most Android based phones makers willingly giving access 
outside of the Android API and runtime or taking user feedback seriously.

My question is why doesn't Google release the Android runtime & API in a 
form that can be easily integrated and run on OpenMoko or any other 
Linux?  It's just built on top of a linux kernel & a bunch of standard 
libs.  Someone please ask that for me.

Michael Shiloh wrote:
> Good question, Jeffrey, and you suggest a question that I'd like to 
> ask you, the community:
> Why do you chose to develop on OpenMoko, rather than on Android? Or do 
> you do both?
> (Beside the lack of Android hardware)
> Michael
> Jeffrey Thomas wrote:
>> I am unable to attend this meeting due to geography, 
> but if anyone is in attendance I would be interested to hear the 
> Google people's response to
> why they felt the need to start a competitive project rather than join 
> the OpenMoko team.
>> Michael, as an official in the OpenMoko community, I wouldn't expect 
>> you to ask this, 
> but if someone else is in attendance, raise the question and report 
> back to us!
>> Jeffrey
>> Minnesota USA
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