CAD files for the case of the Neo will be made available

Michael Shiloh michael at
Thu Jan 17 20:44:53 CET 2008

Jeremiah Flerchinger wrote:

> Wolgang, someone made a wiki entry at 
>, so this would 
> likely be a good place to place the Pro-E schematics for the Neo1973.

I am preparing the right place to put the files. I have a question:

"case schematics" is the wrong name. What is the right name? "CAD 
Files"? "ID CAD Files"? "CAD Drawings"? Someone in the field help me out 

It will be a big zipfile, probably over 30MByte. Perhaps later we'll 
break it out so those of you with slow connections can get only what you 
want, but for now it's all one big file. I'll find the right place to 
put this.


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