Clarke Wixon cwixon at
Fri Jan 18 00:00:35 CET 2008

Nick Guenther <kousue at ...> writes:
> On Jan 15, 2008 5:45 PM, Tim Shannon <shannon.timothy at ...> wrote:
> > Is anyone aware of any office apps being developed for openmoko.  I'm not
> > so much concerned with editing as I am viewing.  Are there any lightweight
> > office viewing apps that would be compatible with open office, and m$
> > office?
> None that I know of. My first guess would be a port of Abiword.

Both Abiword and Gnumeric work reasonably well, but there are
user-interface problems (the toolbars, dialogs, and menubars
are generally way too big).

But if you can deal with those problems (or tweak the X dpi or the
theme settings) they are actually quite usable.  Surprisingly so.

If you want to build Abiword 2.5.2, I suggest going to the OE
bugtracker and using the updated bitbake recipe and patches I posted
there, to fix text-size problems on the ruler.  These haven't made it
to the OE repository, unfortunately.

(I can't post a link to the bug, as the site seems to be down
at the moment.  Just do a query for "abiword" on

Given that Abiword and Gnumeric work so well already, perhaps someone
might like to redesign the UIs for OpenMoko.  Since both applications
appear to use libglade that shouldn't be too hard to do.

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