OM on a non-neo divice: HTC Himalaya

Esra Kummer esra at
Fri Jan 18 11:09:36 CET 2008

Hi all

I got an HTC Himalaya (as well known as: Qtek 2020, i-mate PDA, O2 Xda 
II, Krome Navigator, T-Mobile MDA II, Orange SPV M1000, Vodafone 
WirelessPDA, Dopod 696 and movistar TSM500) for free. Unfortunatelly 
there is WindowsMobile Edition installed. Yeah i know...

Thatswhy I would like to change it. I found in the wiki that the HTC 
Magican is supported 

Has anyone some information or better success with the HTC Himalaya as 
well? I really would love to have OM (I'm a student, so no money for a 
Neo :( ).

How does it work? I would need it productive (just phonecalls, SMS and 
adressbook needed) or in the worst case I take it to play (if i can 
install OM but can't use it productive) and try to get a Nokia 3210 for 
normal use :P

Is it difficul/dangerous to install? I have no money to let flash a 
bricked phone.

Thx for any hints.


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