CAD files for the case of the Neo will be made available

Steven Le Roux steven at
Sat Jan 19 03:15:41 CET 2008

On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 01:33:48 +0000, "andy selby" <andyfrommk at> wrote:
> andy at downloads > unzip
> Archive:
> andy at downloads > cat GTA01_dimensions/README.txt
> This file was saved from Pro/Engineer Wildfire 3.0.
> Open via gtc01-mme01.asm.
> Nothing that Blender recognises. I'd love to know what the
> bluetooth-adhesive.prt.1 file contains.
> Thanks a lot Michael, I'm sure they'd com in useful.
According to this page :

There is nothing but ProE to open these files. Is ProE able to export in STEP (standard) format ?

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