GTA02 preorder please?

Breakable igalvelis at
Mon Jan 21 17:34:50 CET 2008

Hello there,
I am just a random developer, not something in open source or linux world
As many developers over the world I would love to own a version of Neo1973
phone, with stable hardware and usable software.

I understand there are many stumbling blocks to be overcome by the OpenMoko
and Neo1973 developments teams to bring those products to the consumer
markets, but because I am not a consumer I am willing to take some risks.

I understand GTA00 and GTA01 will not ever be a usable platform due to
hardware issues.

I understand GTA02v4 had some bugs found, and so GTA02v5 design is
considered. Also I understand that the OpenMoko platform is currently not a
very stable condition, but somewhat usable even from the GUI.

I would love to own GTA02vX after its hardware has passed some QA, even if
its not guaranteed to find all the hardware bugs. Waiting for a consumer
release seems a little long for me.

I would like to propose asking the to add a preorder form for
stable developer hardware platform. Something what they would consider a
release candidate. This would allow for developers just like me to finally
use their credit cards, and reduce the amount of pooling required.

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