GTA02 preorder please?

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Mon Jan 21 17:53:09 CET 2008

On Jan 21, 2008 11:34 AM, Breakable <igalvelis at> wrote:

> I understand GTA00 and GTA01 will not ever be a usable platform due to
> hardware issues.

I'm not sure this is true for the GTA01 -- but it remains to be seen.

> I would like to propose asking the to add a preorder form for
> stable developer hardware platform. Something what they would consider a
> release candidate. This would allow for developers just like me to finally
> use their credit cards, and reduce the amount of pooling required.

This probably won't happen. Some of the official Openmoko people can chime
in here, but I think that their current system/CC provider doesn't allow
them to accept orders on products that aren't shipping.

For the GTA01, they opened the ordering process as soon as they could. I
would guess this will be the same for the GTA02. We're all eager to get our
hands on one of these, but right now we'll have to be patient.

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