Status of resellers (Was: GTA02 preorder please?)

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Tue Jan 22 14:53:00 CET 2008

Am 22.01.2008 um 11:19 schrieb Gilles Casse:

> So direct pre-orders to are unlikely but in fact, I guess
> that some of us (in Europe for example) would prefer local resellers.
> Btw, what is the status of local resellers for France?

Since we have the harmonized EU market, you can order at any reseller  
in Europe and they can easily ship to every country in the EU at  
fairly reasonable cost and no special tax and duties considerations.  
So you don't necessarily need to have one located in your local country.

There are some web-shops with a long tradition and experience in  
selling the Sharp Zaurus and some will also offer the GTA02.

I am associated with one of these shops - "The Handheld-Linux Shop" - but I can't tell you anything about  
availablility and pricing of the GTA02. It is OpenMoko's role to make  
such product announcements.

Nikolaus Schaller

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