digital compass modules

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Wed Jan 23 11:05:30 CET 2008

Am Mi  23. Januar 2008 schrieb Schmidt András:
> Hi!
> A compass module would be very nice with many applications!
> I have no hardware related experince. Is it possible to integrate a chip
> like this into the phone? How would you do that?
True drop-in solution
Simple I2C interface 
2.7 to 5.2V supply range
Supply current : 1mA @ 3V

I2C is a bus, what means you should be able to simply tap the 2 wires of the 
existing I2C and connect to the chip(pin 7, 10). Another 2 wires for power 
(pin 5, 14) - 1 mA is pretty low consumption - and some birds food (Ca, Cb) 
and a drop of cyanide glue to stick the chip somewhere well away from 
magnetic interference (metal and "high" electric current). That's it. Some 
driver to read out the chip for the ones who like it the pretty way.. ;-)

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