digital compass modules

Schmidt András asch at
Wed Jan 23 13:14:49 CET 2008


I was thinking about the same problem. But once I have seen a working 
compass in a phone already (we have crossed thick woods following the 
compass :-) - it was a friend's phone, I think a Nokia). So it is not 
impossible to integrate into a phone.

In my opinion:

   1. The GSM is not radiating constantly when it is idle.
   2. You can switch the bluetooth off when wandering in woods.
   3. The loudspeaker's magnet must be avoided by placing the chip far
      from that

Perhaps the phone with compass was specially designed so that it 
interferes the least possible with Earth's magnet sensor. But perhaps it 
could be possible to integrate into the freerunner. I think it will 
worth experimenting :-).

Conclusion is always the same: I am getting more impatient waiting for 
my phone :-)

Nils Faerber wrote:
> I doubt that such a device would work in the phone, sorry.
> The GTA01 contains three loadspeakers with magnets, AFAIK GTA02 will
> still contain at least two. Then there is massive EM radiation from the
> GSM antenna which will interfere and finally there is the Bluetooth
> module also emitting EM when used.
> Earth's magnetic field is very weak so almost *any* EM radiation near to
> the measuring device (the chip) will interfere.
> Cheers
>   nils faerber

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