Ian Darwin ian at
Wed Jan 23 18:25:00 CET 2008

Wallace Jackson wrote:
> ...  Also, I saw a NEO1973 on Sun's
> JavaFX announcement release on-line, behind the
> presenter (bigger than life!)... Does this mean that
> JavaFX is ready to rock for NEO application?

No. Sun were nice enough to credit OpenMoko for making a superior Linux 
phone (see their blogs from June 2007). But the JavaFX package is a 
complete linux distro with JavaFX installed, based on work at a smaller 
JavaME licensee (Savaje) that Sun acquired. My guess is that this will 
be released next week or the week after, whenever Sun's Mobile & 
Embedded workshop is. Heck, I don't even know if it uses X (like 
OpenMoko) or direct FB (like QTopia). But it will probably NOT be easily 
miscible with the OpenMoko software. It's a complete phone stack, like 
OpenMoko, like Android, like QTopia.

Now if you want Java for the OpenMoko stack, that does exist, as Jalimo 
(among others). See You can run command line 
(ssh'd into the phone), AWT, Swing (a bit slow), or GTK-In-Java.

See for an overview of Java projects.

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