Digital Compass & JavaFX

Georg Michelitsch gm_ail at
Wed Jan 23 18:26:17 CET 2008

Wallace Jackson wrote on 01/23/2008 05:45 PM:
> A digital compass would be a nice feature for VIA
> (OpenMoko) to have in the phone as a hardware default.
> Is it inexpensive enough in quantity to include in the
> shipping release!? Also, I saw a NEO1973 on Sun's
> JavaFX announcement release on-line, behind the
> presenter (bigger than life!)... Does this mean that
> JavaFX is ready to rock for NEO application?
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I my opinion, including another piece of hardware on the Neo (and in
detail a device which needs to be isolated from any magnetic influences
by other components) would cause big changes in the hardware layout, so
for the Neo1973 it's surely impossible (or only possible with again some
months of delay caused by testing, etc). But if you really like to have
one on this phone, maybe you can add a little compass (no electrical
module, a "real" compass) into one of the alternate cases, just a tiny
little thing of let's say 1cm in diameter. If its really small that
shouldn't cause a big problem and maybe there are some others interested
in some kind of stuff like that too. Disadvantage: It'll always be there
and and need to keep your phone in horizontal orientation to read it.



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