Digital Compass & JavaFX

Schmidt András asch at
Wed Jan 23 18:40:27 CET 2008

At least this solution consumes zero energy :-)

Georg Michelitsch wrote:
> I my opinion, including another piece of hardware on the Neo (and in
> detail a device which needs to be isolated from any magnetic influences
> by other components) would cause big changes in the hardware layout, so
> for the Neo1973 it's surely impossible (or only possible with again some
> months of delay caused by testing, etc). But if you really like to have
> one on this phone, maybe you can add a little compass (no electrical
> module, a "real" compass) into one of the alternate cases, just a tiny
> little thing of let's say 1cm in diameter. If its really small that
> shouldn't cause a big problem and maybe there are some others interested
> in some kind of stuff like that too. Disadvantage: It'll always be there
> and and need to keep your phone in horizontal orientation to read it.
> Greets,
> Georg

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