Jalimo vs. AWT

Ian Darwin ian at darwinsys.com
Wed Jan 23 23:19:48 CET 2008

Wallace Jackson wrote:
> Ian:
> Thanks! Is Jalimo superior to AWT? 

That's rather like asking if JDK is superior to AWT :-)

Jalimo is an IMPLEMENTATION, as is Sun's JDK (nowadays more formally 
called the Java SE SDK). They both offer the AWT API, as well as Swing 
and zillions of other APIs. Jalimo is not based on Sun's implementation;
see their web site for details.

> I don't want to use
> Swing if it runs slow on the NEO. 

It is slow, but not unacceptably. Install Jalimo to your GTA01 and try 
out some standard Swing demos. If you know Java you know where to find 
these. If not, http://javacook.darwinsys.com/download.html, go to Second 
Edition, get CVS of "javasrc", look in "gui" and "graphics" packages.

> I'm not familiar
> with GTK[;] is it fast? Thanks... Walls.

GTK is what all "standard" OpenMoko apps are written in.

Jalimo's GTK is, I believe, a set of "Java native bindings" for GTK.

Again, try it out.

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