digital compass modules

Mikael Lammentausta mikael.lammentausta at
Thu Jan 24 07:33:36 CET 2008

The Nokia 5140 has a compass that works in the conventional method, by
reading the Earth's magnetic field vectors.

See the user guides, which are made with Flash... :o

Here is a page in Finnish with more information about the compass .. sorry,
couldn't find this in English.

A quick translation:

*Nokia 5140i -electronic compass technologies:

   - 2D sensor with a GUI
   - detects the horizontal x and y vectors of the Earth's magnetic field
   - tilt indicator (air bubble)

*Compass function:*

   - Electronics:
      - Driver & control interface detector (?) = magnetometer
      - Test circuit = continuous magnetic field generator
      - Software:
      - Compass with a needle + angle in degrees
      - Direction on-screen arrow
      - Direction may be set on a landmark and followed, and the
      offset from North may be entered
      - 1 degree precision
      - Mechanics
      - tilt detection

2008/1/23, Schmidt András <asch at>:
> Hi!
> I was thinking about the same problem. But once I have seen a working
> compass in a phone already (we have crossed thick woods following the
> compass :-) - it was a friend's phone, I think a Nokia). So it is not
> impossible to integrate into a phone.
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