OpenMoko, statifier & Ermine

Valery Reznic valery_reznic at
Thu Jan 24 12:50:51 CET 2008

Hello, list.

Some time ago Alessandro Iurlano

asked me to port statifier (
to ARM processor, so executable compiled for ARM OABI
can be run on EABI system without fuss about
installing OABI libraries.

I honestly tried my best, but wasn't too successful :(

But I was able to port ermine (
to ARM.
Currently ermine able to pack OABI little endian ARM
executables. After packaging those executables can be
copied to the EABI (little endian) system and run
No dependencies.

Program can be downloaded  here:

Everyone interesting to play are welcome.


P.S. Ermine is proprietary, but license to use it for
OpenMoko project can be given for free.

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