Resellers / distributors for OpenMoko

Michael Shiloh michael at
Thu Jan 24 18:33:29 CET 2008

We recently had a discussion about resellers and distributors. Here's 
the current status:

1. We have one confirmed distributor, in Germany:

  Christoph Pulster/CEO Christoph at
  P|U|L|S|T|E|R - Profi Organiser & Psion
  Banaterweg 5, 69181 Leimen, Germany
  Tel   01805 - 785 783
  Mail  info at
  Fax   01803 - 551 809 858

2. We are in discussion with a number of potential distributors around 
the world. I will report on these as I learn of them.

3. We are in the process of creating a web page listing our 
distributors. I will report on this when it is available.

4. Anyone wishing to become a distributor should contact Steve Mosher or 
Harry Tsai:

steve at
harry at


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