OSiM San Francisco - March 11-12, 2008 - Calling All Mobile Developers

William Weinberg bilzinho at pacbell.net
Thu Jan 24 19:16:44 CET 2008

Dear OpenMoko Community

Adam Shaw of Informa, the company behind MWC, OSiM and other 
conferences, asked me to reach out to you, as follows:


Calling all developers!

After the success of OSiM 2007, the largest open source in mobile
conference in the world, Informa is pleased to announce the arrival of
OSiM USA, taking place in San Francisco on the 11th and 12th of March.
As well as presentations from the most senior members of the industry,
and from companies such as Google, AOL, Motorola, T-Mobile, Nokia etc
I am also very keen to showcase the latest developments in open source
applications. I am looking to devote an hour of the conference to give
cutting edge developers the opportunity to demonstrate and
explain their newest and freshest applications in front of our global
audience. Presentations would last for around 10-15 minutes. If you
are interested or would like further details please contact me
directly at adam.shaw at informa.com. Needless to say, anyone presenting
at the event would be entitled to attend the entire conference at no


Disclosure:  I am an unpaid adviser to the OSiM conferences and will 
also be presenting at the venue (as I did last year in Madrid).

Bill W.
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