France : Taxes for video and mp3 playing capacity

Steven Le Roux steven at
Fri Jan 25 00:07:23 CET 2008

Hi all, 

According to this ( french speaking)

France is about to taxe smartphone which provide 3 features :

- At least 128mo internal memory (neo will have 256)
- at least one touch/key dedicated to audio playing (what about a touchscreen ?)
- mp3 or video playing

Obviously, this taxe is made to be iphone compliant, so I think the neo is too...

If this case is occuring everywhere else (other country), I think it could be a good idea to distribute OpenMoko without any mp3 player but with a prompt at first wifi connexion for example which ask if you want install the related ipkg packages...or in an intallation wizard menu

(no I don't want to be taxed again for that ! ;) )

Steven Le Roux
steven at
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