Any OS X developers out there working with OpenMoko?

Matthias Ringwald mringwal at
Fri Jan 25 10:52:00 CET 2008

Hi Nikolaus.

I'm working on OS X and am still waiting on a phone I can buy and use.  
For some reason, I didn't order a GTA01 at the time and then came back  
from a US trip where I've uses SIP a lot in hotels/motels and other  
places which led me to insist on Wifi-support on the phone (free calls  
from many places to home!).
If I could buy a iPhone (maybe for a bit more than the tag on a  
FreeRunner) and the promised SDK would allow native code, I'll jump on  
the iPhone train. Otherwise, and especially before the iPhone came  
around, I really love the OpenMoko-effort and will order a GTA02 the  
day someone can confirm that the basic phone can work with GSM for  
about a week in standby (only GSM booked in, no ui, no x, no gfx...).  
Other than that I'm supposed to finish my PhD. :)

So, I'm bit frustated waiting for a viable phone (iPhones are locked,  
FreeRunner is not here yet).
Oh, the iPod touch is the coolest pocket web brower I've seen, but  
then, I still need a phone..

Don't take me wrong, good luck with everyhing here,

  Matthias Ringwald
  ETH Zurich

On 25.01.2008, at 08:53, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:

> Hi,
> I recently looked into the change history of the dedicated MacOS X  
> page in the wiki and I have got the impression that I am the only  
> one still doing something and improving the interworking between the  
> Mac and OpenMoko:

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