France : Taxes for video and mp3 playing capacity

Florent fthiery at
Fri Jan 25 11:09:23 CET 2008

> No direspect or anything but that's probably the dumbest tax I've ever heard of.

Don't worry, French geeks are pissed off as well

> Yeah, almost every tax talked about in this thread exists in France. But how do we avoid the Neo to be taxable ?
>> As said, if you don't sell the phone with an embedded player, I
think the neo become out of conditions to be taxed. At least, you can
justify that you are buying a phone and nothing else.

The best would be a special french openmoko version: without
user-accessible Flash memory or multimedia features (so that you don't
have the possibility to broadcast unregulated copyrighted content when
your phone is ringing for instance), possibly no connectivity at

Better get myself a Motorola F3 then...


Or buy it outside France.


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