Any OS X developers out there working with OpenMoko?

alan at alan at
Fri Jan 25 11:31:00 CET 2008

> Is my impression wrong or have you all already bought an iPodTouch or
> iPhone and waits for the SDK?
> Please raise your hands...
> Nikolaus (hns)

(Hand is raised.)

Guilty as charged.  As I have mentioned before,  the iPhone is a "Golden 
Form Factor" device.  I think of it more as a "Quarter Tablet Personal 
Computer" than as a phone these days.

Then why do I stay subscribed to the OpenMoko list you ask?

I dream.

I dream of the day that some company will realise that I (and about 6 
billion other guys) are willing to pay many hundreds of dollars for a device 

...duplicates the iPhone's form factor, screen resolution, control layout 
and other basic features and functionality.
...duplicates or betters the iPhone's battery performance.
...has an integrated non-slip silicone jacketed case.
...has and integrated GPS receiver, or comes with a Bluetooth remote one.
...supports an IR or Bluetooth portable keyboard.
...has an integrated "Picture Frame" type angle stand that will let you sit 
the device on a flat surface in portrait or landscape mode securely.
...runs open software like OpenMoko.

Sorry, but FreeRunner does not come close to hitting this mark.

Hopefully, FIC has secretly squirreled dozens of engineers away in bomb 
proof caverns deep inside the mighty Swiss alps who are feverishly slaving 
away on thier iPhone killer at this very moment and are mere minutes away 
from stunning the whole world with their amazing achievement.

Or maybe not.

So I continue to dream my dreamy little dreams.


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