GPS/Cell phone patent issue

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Fri Jan 25 23:37:07 CET 2008

Am Fr  25. Januar 2008 schrieb hank williams:
> "It appears that, in essence, the patents cover a phone providing current
> location information to a remote database which returns to the phone a
> collection of location centric information. According to the patent
> application, this location centric information could include real estate
> information, such as homes, condominiums, etc, but also parks, restaurant
> menus, services offered, hotels, hotel availability, and on and on."

Whatever they might have (or think they have) with this patent, i don't mind. 
I *never* will give away GPS-data from my private cell phone to a centralized 
database, may it be google, TomTom, or whoever. I like my privacy, and even 
hate being traced by GSM-cell handover right now for 6 months storage of data 
in whole europe right since start of year. :-( And even less i need "location 
centric info" based on this DB.
Anyway the whole thing is a hoax. Probably this scenario was in the 
application papers they handed out the men with the money when they tried to 
get GPS up and running, way back last millenium.


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