GPS/Cell phone patent issue

hank williams hank777 at
Sat Jan 26 02:32:42 CET 2008

On Jan 25, 2008 8:14 PM, Shawn Rutledge <shawn.t.rutledge at> wrote:
> On Jan 25, 2008 5:42 PM, hank williams <hank777 at> wrote:
> > Again, since you seem to have missed it. The thing that you say no one
> > will opt for (over the air maps), is the way that millions of phones
> > per month are shipped from Apple and RIM today. Therefore the
> > configuration is highly relevant to the *current* phone market.
> The point that you are missing is that Openmoko doesn't have to do
> everything the same way Apple and RIM do them;

Of course no one has to do anything the way Apple and RIM do it. I
think you are missing *my* point. My initial post was that there is a
patent that has an effect on the most common usage pattern for
location based tools for mobile devices.

The odd position, it seems to me, is to suggest that no one should be
concerned about a very popular device usage pattern. Obviously there
are lots of ways to design things, but to suggest that one very
popular way (in fact the primary way) people are doing something is of
*no concern* would seem to me to be a myopic attitude. My goal is to
provide information. The idea of suggesting that that information
"doesn't matter" which is what Joerg said, is really well... I wont
say. I am not sure why providing information should be something that
disturbs people so. If its not relevant to you, ignore it.


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