GPS/Cell phone patent issue

Gilles Casse gcasse at
Sat Jan 26 03:42:42 CET 2008


Today, as already mentioned, Navit can use embedded maps from 
OpenStreetMap or proprietary maps. Since France is not yet very 
detailled in OSM, I am using an european map bought online, more than 
2GB of flash are needed.

Nevertheless, even with these data, it would be interesting to 
dynamically populate the map using an external database (for example 
cinema currently playing a film, etc...).

I met also recently such issues in looking naively for possible haptic 
applications, for example simply activating the vibrator when a key is 
pressed. It seems there is a wall in this realm (search keyphrase: 
"haptic patent portfolio"). Is such a simple feature legal or not in a 
free software? what are the bounds (countries, features) ?  Without 
clear advices, sadly some development in this area will be delayed or 
even not started.


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