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Duvelle Jones duvelle.jones at
Sat Jan 26 06:44:47 CET 2008

Well that is the thing, the wishlist is much like a bulletin board... a
lot of ideas that are in parts. The thing about a phone, in my mind
anyway, is that it tends to be a singular construct of thought. If FIC
is taking information that drops into the wishlist and comes up with a
singular construct for a phone, then that would be great. But I will be
honest that I think that FIC will have it's own ideas for a another
Neo-based phone... 

All I say is that maybe... as a community, we could come up with that
singular construct of what is next. Maybe FIC/Openmoko will take it,
maybe not. But it's better than watching the sands to shift.


On Fri, 2008-01-25 at 12:17 -0800, Michael Shiloh wrote:

> Although cloud thinking is encouraged as a way to get more ideas. I'm 
> pretty sure there is a wiki page (something like "wishlist") for such ideas.
> I for one love seeing the imagination and creativity of this community, 
> and the wishlist is one such demonstration.
> Further, I will very strongly encourage OpenMoko to look at this 
> wishlist whenever we discuss plans for the future, so this list really 
> is a way to reach the eyes of those who will be making those decisions.
> I invite you to add your ideas, whether conservative or wacky.
> Michael

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