Digital Compass & JavaFX

Ian Darwin ian at
Sat Jan 26 17:54:07 CET 2008

Audrius Meskauskas wrote:
> Wallace Jackson wrote:
>>  Also, I saw a NEO1973 on Sun's
>> JavaFX announcement release on-line, behind the
>> presenter (bigger than life!)... Does this mean that
>> JavaFX is ready to rock for NEO application?
> This seems not very likely: JavaFX is something highly advanced and 
> build on the top of existing java platform. 

There are two editions of JavaFX: regular and mobile. These correspond 
to Java SE (desktop) and Java ME (phone).

As mentioned in the OP, the very first time JavaFX Mobile was shown in 
public, worldwide, it was running on a stock Neo1973 (presumably GTA01).

> Even the ordinary java 1.5 
> seems is not properly ported to OpenMoko yet. Sun's java is under GPL 
> now but they have never supported this processor.

Bzzt, thanks for playing. There is a "Java 1.4 (SE) Technology Preview 
for ARM" that you can download; this has been available for about 6 
months. Unfortunately it doesn't play nice with the particular shared 
library versions that are installed on OpenMoko, and at that point I 
gave up.

Not to mention that you can download Java ME for Arm from the JavaME 
site :-)

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