Digital Compass & JavaFX

Graeme Gregory graeme at
Sun Jan 27 04:02:29 CET 2008

On Sun, 27 Jan 2008 01:00:46 +0800
Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:

> > Bzzt, thanks for playing. There is a "Java 1.4 (SE) Technology  
> > Preview for ARM" that you can download; this has been available
> > for about 6 months. Unfortunately it doesn't play nice with the  
> > particular shared library versions that are installed on OpenMoko,  
> > and at that point I gave up.
> >
> > Not to mention that you can download Java ME for Arm from the
> > JavaME site :-)
> Can you elaborate what you mean with 'didn't play nice with the  
> particular shared library versions'?
> The more detailed the more we can do about it.
> Also, can you reply with a URL for Java stuff you would like to see  
> integrated into OpenMoko?
Id just like to jump in at this point and say that there is a
heavy integration of J2ME and J2SE happening in OE at the moment.

Its probably wise to wait a couple of weeks to see the developer
doing the work complete. Then we can see what we are still missing.


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