Openmoko - opportunity to have collective "community" server side assistance

JW jameswillmer at
Mon Jan 28 17:32:58 CET 2008

Hi community

right now OM is just getting established....
but its fun to think ahead.... :-)

articles like this one highlight the role of server side apps to help mobile
devices with high load tasks.

I am not sure but perhaps their business model is to offer a subscription
service to users.

we can already see examples of other lower load apps for example thumbtribes
(early stage beta see youtube)

there are many, many more coming i am sure.... perhaps whenever you move down a
road that is not in OpenStreetMap in the future data will automatically be

one way the community could help to develop these services is to collectively
provide a place for developers to host these services so that they are provided
* cheaply
* fast
* always available
* secure/easy login for nominated developers
* funded by donation?

the advantages of having this all on "OpenMokoServer" will really draw the
community together I think....


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