Nokia to acquire Trolltech to accelerate software strategy

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Mon Jan 28 19:22:59 CET 2008

Patrick Davila wrote:
> I think the whole point of this takeover is Qtopia. Yes, the Nokia N800
> series internet tablet uses Maemo (based on gtk). Correct me if I'm wrong
> but aren't most of Nokia's cell phones running Symbian? Maybe buying
> Trolltech is cheaper than continually licensing Symbian? 
Maybe not. But it's way more modern and flexible. *g*

There are versions of symbian out there which deserve the name operating 
system. But nobody uses them AFAIK.
And as good as nobody makes software for symbian.

I would haveloved if they went to the maemo platform. But qtopia is 
probably really the better choice for a phone.


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