Gizmo for Skype-like functionality in Neo?

Michael Schmidt schmidtm524 at
Wed Jan 30 18:21:13 CET 2008

yes, but it is not about serverless or any instant messenger, it is the only
way, to have **secure** VOIPs.
as well users do not need a telephone call, they can to the calls with VOIP
over a data internet flat rate from the mobile phone.
Voip is not in yet, and then it would be in with QT gui, no one wants to
make a GTK gui as this is a lot of work, though for the small display a gui
change is anyway needed, so maybe a Gtk would not be much work.
Anyway, it is work and the project has no resources for OM. So other IMs and
solutions will come, but they are not as safe as an asym, encrypted PGP
So you need to ask for the goals, you want just IM or Just VOIP? then choose
anything.. if you want secure VOIP, then go the way for an adjusted gui for
the PGP-Messenger with soon Voip...  and as it is not in, but the launch of
OM is soon, ... if someone gets the flu, then use Qt still, as this might be
quicker done... and Voip can be added later as an update...

On Jan 30, 2008 6:06 PM, Christopher Earl <earlc8451 at> wrote:

> may as well just wait for the asterisk GUI cause OM uses GTK not QT so it
> would require some serious editing, however the serverless idea is good
> >>> "Michael Schmidt" <schmidtm524 at> 01/30/08 12:00 PM >>>
> the serverless instant messenger (Qt gui)
> will have soon as well VOIP and VIDEO Chat, and this is quite good for
> openmoko, as this is an encrypted one,
> so you are safe, that no third party is hearing your Voips.
> On Jan 30, 2008 5:47 PM, Colan Schwartz <colan at> wrote:
> > On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 06:13:17PM -0700, Jeremiah Flerchinger wrote:
> > > Has anyone who actually has hardware right now tried/had luck running
> a
> > > full featured VOIP application in OpenMoko?  I'd much rather see Gizmo
> > than
> > > Skype, especially since it looks like it's integrated into
> GrandCentral
> > > ( and is based on open standards (and
> > closed
> > > source).
> > > It also looks like Gizmo directly supports the Maemo on the Nokia N800
> > > (
> >
> > Other options are and  They
> > both do SIP.  I know about Ekiga because it ships with Ubuntu, and it's
> > completely open source.  I don't know that much about OpenWengo.
> > -c.
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