GTA01 hacked Handset for testing 850MHz circuit for GTA02

Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Jan 30 19:04:35 CET 2008

Great news Christopher,

Remember everyone, this is a specially modified GTA01 that we are using 
to test the suitability of the circuit for GTA02. We have no plans to 
modify or to sell GTA01 for 850MHz, nor can we modify yours.

As Christopher alludes to below, the handset Christopher is using does 
not belong to him, but rather to OpenMoko. Christopher is one of a team 
of volunteers who are helping us test this circuit.

Thank you Christopher for helping us in this test, and thanks in advance 
to the rest of the volunteers. We look forward to hearing the results 
from future testers.

Thanks also to one of our testers (which one it was I can't remember 
right now), we have a wiki page for tracking progress of this experiment:


Christopher Earl wrote:
> Ok everone, I got the Handset today and GSM 850 WORKS! Audio sounds good and Test call was a success. I will be sending the phone off to its next stop soon. Thanks to Michael Shiloh for arranging the test and i hope this leads to good things for the 850Mhz band
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