Gizmo for Skype-like functionality in Neo?

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Wed Jan 30 23:11:32 CET 2008

On Jan 30, 2008, at 11:32 AM, Jeremiah Flerchinger <jeremiah.flerchinger at 
 > wrote:

>> the serverless instant messenger (Qt gui)
>> will have soon as well VOIP and VIDEO Chat, and this is quite good  
>> for openmoko, as this is an encrypted one,
>> so you are safe, that no third party is hearing your Voips.
>> > (
>> Other options are and   
>> They
>> both do SIP.  I know about Ekiga because it ships with Ubuntu, and  
>> it's
>> completely open source.  I don't know that much about OpenWengo.
>> -c.
> Ekiga is just a client package and doesn't contain a server  
> component, like asterisk.  There is also linPhone ( 
> ), which is built with GTK and has core/gui seperation.  That might  
> be nice for direct integration into the OpenMoko GUI and for people  
> who don't want to run an entire asterisk server on their phone.

Yes, agreed. I ported asterisk as a proof of concept and to help me  
understand the build process.

Besides, you cannot run asterisk with sip and/or iax and an sip/iax  
client (udp bind port....)

-brandon kruse.
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