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Upgrading the "Memory" is not a problem, just pop in a bigger microSD upgrading the NAND would be totaly different and not serve much of a purpose, you can use the ipkg that lets you install apps directly on the SD and link the libs and stuff, there is a wiki that will help you do this. about the provider, i guess it depends on what features you want, however, there are not many GSM providers in the states, in my area I only have T-mobile and AT&T

>>> "Lally Singh" <lally.singh at> 01/30/08 10:12 PM >>>
Any recommendations on sim vendors in the states for use with these
phones?  I'd like something that'd auto-bill me like a regular phone
plan, without getting ripped off on rates/data/etc.

Well, more ripped off than I am right now.  A man's gotta have standards.

On a completely different random topic, any ideas how hard it'd be to
upgrade the memory on these things?  Say a gig?

On Jan 30, 2008 9:11 AM, Tim Shannon <shannon.timothy at> wrote:
> That's great.  I really hope those handsets are available at the same time
> as the 900 band phones.
> On Jan 28, 2008 8:03 PM, Christopher Earl <earlc8451 at> wrote:
> > Ok everone, I got the Handset today and GSM 850 WORKS! Audio sounds good
> and Test call was a success. I will be sending the phone off to its next
> stop soon. Thanks to Michael Shiloh for arranging the test and i hope this
> leads to good things for the 850Mhz band
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