Gizmo for Skype-like functionality in Neo?

Jeremiah Flerchinger jeremiah.flerchinger at
Thu Jan 31 05:24:31 CET 2008

joerg wrote:
> Am Mi  30. Januar 2008 schrieb Jeremiah Flerchinger:
>> Ekiga is just a client package and doesn't contain a server component,
> What for do you want to have a server on GTA? BTW linphone is no way different 
> in this aspect AFAIK.
I personally wouldn't want a server on the phone.  I would rather log 
into a separate SIP/IAX server that could give access to land lines as 
well as SIP VOIP lines.  I was trying to extend the post I replied to & 
gather more suggestions for SIP client software because I didn't 
understand why an entire server was needed.
>> like asterisk.  There is also linPhone (, That 
>> might be nice for ... people who don't want
>> to run an entire asterisk server on their phone.
> That's true for every SIP-Usaer-Agent, i think. Just no need for a "server". 
> Register with any SIP-provider, or simply do direct IP2IP without any 
> registrar at all. I don't know _any_ SIP-softphone that needs asterisk on the 
> local machine.
> j
Agreed, as I said above.  Still, I do prefer the idea of using a 
SIP-provider instead of IP2IP purely for the purpose of calling land lines.
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