Battery life & case design

jonathan at jonathan at
Tue Jul 1 14:22:48 CEST 2008


I'm totally thrilled with all the goodies crammed into the gta02, and I'm even
more thrilled with the ideas people are having to use these goodies.

Whats less thrilling is the battery life.  Switch on all those goodies and you
have a phone that will be dead in about 5 hours.  Its king of like owning a
porche that has a fuel tank the size of a coke can :-)

I wonder, is it just me or are there enough people out there who are
interested in having more power?  Enough people to make it worth while some
company (maybe openmoko) to tool up to produce a new back cover for the gta02
thats a few mm thicker so it can hold a battery the full size of the rear
cover... then all we need is a custom battery that will fit in the cover and
interface with the existing power pins on the rear of the gta02.  Looking at
it we could easily gain 4-5 times the power with a large flat battery pack.

Has this been discussed at all?  anyone have any opinions on this?

Yes I know there is still some work to be done on the openmoko APM functions.
 However when these functions work all they are about is turning stuff off to
extend battery life.

Given the openmoko demographic, I'd say having a phone thats a few more
millimetres thicker to accomodate a large battery (as in function over design)
is an attractive option... there has to be plenty of takers out there to make
it worth someone's while to tool up and produce the alternative cover and
battery pack.



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