Battery life & case design

arne anka openmoko at
Tue Jul 1 14:35:59 CEST 2008

> I wonder, is it just me or are there enough people out there who are
> interested in having more power?  Enough people to make it worth while  
> some
> company (maybe openmoko) to tool up to produce a new back cover for the  
> gta02

well, there are probably a few ideas now floating around regarding slight  
modifications to the case (i for one would like a slot for a stylus,  
preferably one widely used).
maybe it would be a good idea to create a wiki page similar to groupsales  
and check how many people are interested in which modification (never got  
the hang of the wiki thing, sorry).
then somebody able could modify the cad file and we could look for a  
company offering a good price for group sales of the same part.

re the battery: which battery available would fit into the slot (pins and  

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