Software Status - Shall I buy or shall I wait?

Ingmar RIeger openmoko at
Tue Jul 1 21:49:54 CEST 2008


I'm watching the OpenMoko Project for more than a year. And now with a
available Phone with W-Lan I'm thinking, if I shall buy it now. I often
read the list the last weeks but not everything is clear to me now. I'll
write a list of Questions what isn't clear for me now and I'm hopping,
you can help me.

1.) How long is the battery life? Can I use the FreeRunner a hole day if
I only use little MP3, maybe a short phone call and maybe a little time
GPS? And are there batteries available which could be charged in the FR?
I often read that Nokia batteries are utilizable but not chargeable.

2.) Whats the state of the software? I mean both, the "normal" software
and the ASU one. Is it possible to make and recive calls with both? This
would be the most important thing if some other functions work. And
which of the following things is working on which version of the

3.) Is there a browser which basically works and which can use a proxy?

4.) Is there a working application for GPS logging/tracking? I'm a
OpenStreetMap-User and I want to contribute with the FR.

5.) Is there a working MP3-Player with basic functions? This is one of
the most use cases for me.

6.) Is there a funambol-connector for the addressbook and the callender
or is somebody working on it?

Kind regards,
Ingmar Rieger

openmoko at

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