Inter-Freerunner Connectivity

steve steve at
Tue Jul 1 23:20:35 CEST 2008

HA, theremin and acelerometers. Love it. 

Maybe when I get time I'll take a freerunner up to my friends at Emu and see
what ideas they come up with.


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Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> Sounds cool. Something completely new or something based on csound, 
>> supercollider or similar?
> Something new, but supercollider and puredata on the Freerunner will 
> work, I imagine, quite well.  Pair it up with some nice MIDI 
> controller and a custom cable, and you've got a synth/music-making 
> platform worth pocketing!  Finally! :)

I say just two words. Acelerometers, Theremin. *g*

Should be fun.

>> I have seen the synth section of mini tamtam on olpc (using csound 
>> with python bindings) and was blown away.
> It doesn't take much to make music these days..

But i have to admit, i'm more fascinated by the process of creating sounds
than actually making music by bashing on some 'pad'. :) What things like
elektroplankton, Tenori-On, Kaos Pad can do is impressive.
Technology is way beyond analog sound synthesis. But i like the beauty of
synth patching. I would really like to do some experiments on this while on
a train or so. :)

Cant wait to see what is coming...

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