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Rodolphe Ortalo <rodolphe.ortalo at> writes:

> do you think a student should have raw access to
> Matlab+Mathematica+Octave
> +any-other-thing-you-can-thinkof 

I'm an engineering student and I've been looking everywhere for a
calculator with a bigger screen and better dot pitch with colors and
being able to tilt the screen or attach a usb screen so I don't have
to lean forward and get neck injuries.

There is a free project out there aiming to produce a free hardware
calculator. The big problem is that even if I found one, I might not
be able to use it, because a calculator has to be certified by the

It's really not good to use one calculator for working, then have to
use a normal crappy calculator for exams.

It's a problem to think of, if we're putting r and octave into a
device marketed as a calculator.

There's definitely a market, though, cause all calculators on the
market are so damn crappy, it's a joke.

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