More HW from OpenMoko

Chris Wright dhasenan at
Thu Jul 3 00:00:30 CEST 2008

2008/7/2 Rodolphe Ortalo <rodolphe.ortalo at>:
> Probably not so much effort. But the real challenge imo is:
>  - the UI and the communication between that UI and the backend
> (scientific-oriented) software
>  - the wise specification of that backend (numerical vs. symbolic vs.
> both, reusing existing software vs. new thing, simple vs. complex)

There's no reason that the back end has to run on the Freerunner in
normal operation. Simpler operations would, since it'd be quicker than
going over the network; but heavy number crunching on a phone is

> Personnally, I thought I would be targeting a brand new implementation
> of some scientific calculator targetted at second-grade students; but
> given the wonderful (and often much more ambitious) software already
> existing, I have been wondering for several months if that's not
> re-inventing the wheel (aka as a dead-end project).

Porting is better than reimplementing, naturally.

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