Group Sale in Spain

Rafael Campos methril at
Thu Jul 3 00:07:29 CEST 2008

Hello to all the Spanish guys in the mailing list.

I received some mails from other guys interested in the FreeRunner asking
questions about it.

The most popular is: it's going to be translated to Spanish?
or the other one (in all the places): How much is the battery life? :D

I'm asking that question, because in the GroupSales in the wiki, we are some
of us that want a FreeRunner and we didn't send e-mail to each other to
asking the method, address, meeting for the receivement, the organization,
and maybe with more people interested in the Freerunner, bought somo of
thems and keep in Spain to cheaper taxes and delivery costs.

I Hope to see any response (from spanish guys)

Waiting your comments,

Rafael Campos
o0 Methril 0o
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